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As Distinct As The Landscape


Diamonds are, without a doubt, one of the world’s most beautiful natural resources. However, that is not the whole story, because depending on where diamonds are sourced, these ancient stones can also take on majestic properties reflective of their natural surrounds. They can be imbued with the stories and legends that have danced across the earth above them for millions of years. Which makes them so much more than just diamonds.

A prime example is the Dreamtime diamond sourcing diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine, in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. They are all tracked from the ground they came from, so you know absolutely that they are natural and untreated Australian stones.

These stones are truly one-of-a-kind as each differs in an array of visually striking palette of colours, which represents the warm colours and rich mythology of the Australian land.

The idea behind Dreamtime jewellery is that it is versatile, affordable and on-trend. The styling is simple, but also elegant and interesting. It’s about taking the colours of the Outback and playing with them to create the kind of thing that will last a lifetime. The designs truly emulate the essence of the Australian outback culture.

Knowing you have something from Australia that has been in creation for millions of years, and specifically from the Kimberley region - that makes owning one of these pieces really special.

Canadian Fire

Sometime after the earth began, deep within the earth’s core, carbons came together

With time and pressure, the carbons crystallised into the most precious object in the world - a diamond. There it waited for 3 billion years, until a volcano erupted, taking it on a turbulent journey to the earth’s surface and coming to rest beneath a glacial lake in Canada’s Arctic North.

Introducing CanadianFire, a diamond remarkably pure and natural. Every CanadianFire diamond is mined and polished to the highest standards uncovering its rare beauty and brilliance. Each diamond comes with a Certificate of Origin confirming that it was mined in Canada’s Arctic North. Our stringent monitoring system follows your diamond from the mine, through the refining facility, to you – the only programme of its kind in the world. Only diamonds of the finest purity and craftsmanship qualify to receive our CanadianFire Certificate of Authenticity, the highest level of certification.

Only diamonds of the finest purity and craftsmanship qualify to receive our CanadianFire Certificate of Origin, which serves as your guarantee that the diamond you are purchasing:

  • Is mined in Canada in a socially and environmentally correct manner.
  • Is a 100% genuine natural diamond.
  • Has passed our rigorous inspection for quality and cut.

For security each CanadianFire diamond is laser inscribed with a unique Diamond Identification Number. This Certificate ensures the life process by which a CanadianFire diamond is mined and crafted.

Knowing the place of origin preserves the value of your diamond.


Passion8 Diamonds

Crafted to Perfection

Passion8 diamonds, innovators and leaders in diamond cutting and offering Australia’s true Hearts and Arrows diamond. The Passion8 promise: We guarantee the highest quality and brightest diamond your money can buy.

Triple checked against exceptional cut standard by our highly skilled team, we ensure all the light leakage leaving a Passion8 diamond is through the crown to refract light optimally, resulting in ideal brightness and extraordinary sparkle and a visibly whiter and brighter diamond forever.

For these reasons a Passion8 is a superlative diamond- its extraordinary beauty and sparkle will last a lifetime and be enjoyed forever- destined to become a family heirloom.

A precision cut that reveals 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows. Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds will qualify to become a Passion8 Diamond.

Groomed to Spectacular Brightness & Exceptional Beauty

All Passion8 diamonds are uniquely special because they are rare and of superior quality, important when you are buying "forever". Passion8 diamonds is a trusted Australian owned brand cut from the world’s finest natural rough diamond crystal.

Exceptional standards in cut means that Passion8 diamonds can take up to 10 times longer to cut with the visible result being maximum brightness and sparkle forever. What makes Passion8 diamond even rarer, is that less than a fraction of 1% of all diamond manufactured meet Passion8’s highest quality standards.

Leading Australian Pearl Jewellery Brand.

Ikecho Pearls

Ikecho prides itself on creating exciting and contemporary pearl designs, which follow the world’s trends and fashion movements.

The name Ikecho was chosen as it is believed it was the first freshwater mussel used to cultivate pearls in Japan, Erica wanted her company to be thought of as the home of freshwater pearls in Australia.

The Ikecho team have a fresh and enthusiastic approach to their work and have a tremendous passion for changing the stereotypical view of pearls.

The Ikecho collection is an extensive range of pearls that can be purchased in strands or as stunning jewellery pieces set in Sterling Silver, 9-carat, 14-carat and 18-carat gold. Ikecho offers the highest quality pearl jewellery including pearl pendants, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and pearl rings.

Peter W Beck

For over three decades, Peter W Beck has provided the Australian Jewellery industry with world-class precious metal products.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Peter W Beck creates each and every one of its products with only the finest precious metals and stringent quality control techniques to ensure consistent quality and standards.

The precious meal family is comprised of Gold, Silver and the Platinum group of metals. In the jewellery industry, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are used commonly in combinations with each other and with other metals to produce alloys with specific properties that make them idea for jewellery making.

Add a touch of sparkle with Ellani Collections!

Ellani Collection

The Ellani range is the finest quality rhodium plated sterling silver jewellery. The jewellery is hand set with cubic zirconia diamond simulants.

Ellani’s unique collection of high quality silver jewellery is designed to be accessible as the finishing look for every occasion, including a gorgeous selection of bridal jewellery.

We also carry the Ellani collection of stainless steel fashion jewellery. Modern, edgy styles at fantastic affordable prices. Most pieces are available in Steel, Rose or Yellow gold plated.

The brand’s sense of design and attention to detail gives it the unique style that encapsulates modern fashion trends..

Worth & Douglas

Worth & Douglas have been designing and crafting beautiful wedding rings for over 60 years.

As symbols of your love and commitment, your engagement and wedding rings are the centrepiece of your marriage ceremony. You want to be sure that the rings you choose today will stand the test of time.

Every Worth & Douglas ring is made with meticulous craftsmanship and to the highest quality. Our collection is designed to offer a wide range of traditional and modern wedding rings to help you choose a style that reflects your personality and will endure over time.

Making Our Mark In The World


“With over 30 years’ experience in the jewellery industry, I have taken my love of jewellery creation, to see Mark McAskill Jewellery become one of the most recognised names in the business. I truly believe that superior quality, honesty, and customer service, are all values, which have attributed to the recognition of our highly awarded brand”

Sapphire Dreams

"Founded in 2021, Sapphire Dreams pays homage to the natural beauty of Australian sapphires, celebrating the art of exceptional craftsmanship and contemporary jewellery designs.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, we have over 50 years of experience in luxury jewellery. All of our products are of impeccable quality, ethically sourced and expertly crafted".

Every sapphire in our collection has been sustainably sourced from Australia.

Blush Pink by Pink Kimberley

"Established in 1967, Pink Kimberley is a proud family-owned Australian business. We have been servicing and elevating the jewellery and watch industry for over 50 years, pushing the boundaries with our contemporary approach to pink diamond jewellery designs.

Pink Kimberley’s legacy is to provide our customers with the highest quality pink diamond jewellery in the world. Every piece has been crafted with care, alongside the knowledge that every Argyle pink diamond holds its very own slice of rare, Australian geological history.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, we have over 50 years of experience in luxury jewellery. All of our products are of impeccable quality, ethically sourced and expertly crafted".

Every sapphire in our collection has been sustainably sourced from Australia".

Diamond Jewelry Inspired By Disney Princesses & Villains

Enchanted Disney

Enter our twinkling realm and discover jewels that will bring power, intrigue, and whimsical wonder to your otherwise ordinary life.

Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry offers an extraordinary assortment of gold and diamond jewellery inspired by Disney’s magical fairytales. We have out-of-the-ordinary jewels that make marvelous and meaningful tokens to renew your sense of self, relight the spark in your relationship, and revive your belief in magic.

You’ll find  diamond earrings and necklaces, gemstone pendants, white gold bracelets, and the best diamond rings. With a tiara here and some pixie dust there, we present to you an astonishing collection of whimsical and unconventional pieces of jewelry that celebrate your favorite Disney princess.