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  • Custom Design and Remodelling

    Can’t find the jewellery of your dreams anywhere or Want a new look for your old jewellery? Don’t worry! Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers can custom design it for you. Our expert jewellery designers and manufacturers will work with you to design and create a new unique piece of jewellery or remodel your old jewellery to give it a fresh new look.

  • Engraving

    One way to make a jewellery gift even more special is by getting a special message or a special date engraved on it. At Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers, we have jewellery engravers in store who can perform excellent jewellery engraving service as per your specifications including the font and design which will be used for engraving. Engraving can be done on almost any jewellery as well as watches.

  • Jewellery Repairs

    The professional jewellers at Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers have the experience and skill required to handle almost any kind of jewellery repairs. Whether it is a simple prong re-tipping work or complete jewellery restoration, they will make sure to fix the jewellery so that you can wear it again.

  • Ring Resizing

    Is your ring gathering dust in a jewellery box because it is not of the proper size? Or the heirloom ring you inherited just won’t fit? If the ring is too tight, it will be uncomfortable to wear and if it is loose, there’s a fear of losing the ring. Luckily, the experts at Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers can fix it for you. They will resize your precious ring precisely to make sure that it fits you well.

  • Jewellery Cleaning

    A regular wear of jewellery makes it come in contact with particles like dust, make up products, chemicals, etc. These particles can make the jewellery lose its glow and hence, it starts to look dull. Have a piece of jewellery like this? Get it to our store in Chinchilla, Queensland.

    At Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers, we provide professional jewellery cleaning services to make sure that the jewellery gets back its original glow

  • Pearl Rethreading

    If you wear your pearl jewellery often, you might start to see a gap form between the pearls, which can cause them to rub against and scratch one another. This is why it is important to get your pearls re-threaded. Have pearl jewellery that needs rethreading? Bring it to our store!

    Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers provides professional in-house pearl re-threading service using the best quality materials.

  • Watch Battery Replacements

    Is your watch running slow or stopping altogether? It might be time for a battery change. The highly skilled professionals at our store can replace batteries for almost all types of watches, whether you purchased them from us or elsewhere.

    Our team will expertly exchange your old battery with a newer, better-quality model for you in no time.

  • Watch Repairs

    From changing watch straps to to complete watch overhauls, the professionals at Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers can do it all to fix your broken watch. Our watchmakers are experienced at performing repairs on mechanical and quartz watches. Need to get your watch repaired by the best? Bring it to our store in Chinchilla, Queensland.

  • Jewellery Valuations

    The experts at Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers have extensive knowledge on how to perform a proper valuation on gemstones and jewellery. . Want to get valuations done for your precious jewellery or gemstones? Bring it to our store in Chinchilla, Queensland. Our certified jewellers will carefully study them to determine the value of your jewels.

  • Appraisals

    Emotional and financial investment are two factors to purchasing jewellery that influence the utter heartache at losing a treasured piece. To avoid the worst outcome from loss of precious pieces, we recommend that our customers insure their most prized jewellery posessions. To insure precious jewellery, we first need to perform a jewellery appraisal.

    The experts at Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers can prepare an appropriate jewellery appraisal document detailing key information required to get your jewellery insured. Contact us to get a professional jewellery appraisal today.

  • Finance

    Purchasing a significant jewellery piece can often be an expensive and overwhelming experience. Chinchilla Showcase Jewellers offers financing options to allow you more freedom of choice and less stress during your jewellery buying process. Take your dream piece home today and pay later in affordable equal installments via one of our financing options. To discuss our financing options, drop in store or contact us today.

  • Laybuy

    Secure the jewellery piece you just can’t pass by with Laybuy. Pay affordable slices off the total cost of your jewellery over a period of time, then take it home following your last payment.