Watch Brands


Alba. The inspiration for a unique watch collection, characterised by fresh, bright designs for people who cherish life and who strive to get the most out of it.

Alba was born in 1979 in Japan and its success was immediate, with the Alba name becoming an instant symbol of the value and quality that consumers expect from a brand created by Seiko Watch Corporation. Its fame spread rapidly throughout Asia and the Middle East and today, Alba is a respected name in watches, with over millions of satisfied new customers every year.

Baby G

Established in 1994, Baby-G watches are made to be durable, shock resistant and water resistant with the ability to withstand the harshest conditions. Such qualities make these digital watches perfect to wear everyday and during any activity for the bold, active and free spirited women. Baby-G watches have a unique look and come in a huge range of colours to select from.

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A showcase selection of the many hundreds of models, technologies and designs created each year, and sold through our dealer networks in Europe, Canada, South Africa, Fiji and Oceania. LORUS can satisfy the needs of the most devoted follower of fashion, quality and value, but if you do not see it here, then go direct to your local agent - the contacts section will help you track them down.

Lorus is one of the brands made and marketed by the world famous Seiko Watch Corporation who also make Pulsar watches, Seiko watches and Seiko and Lorus clocks.


Adina is Australia’s only watch brand that designs and assembles its complete watch collection here in Australia.

The brand was started in 1971 by watchmaker and current managing director Bob Menzies in response to demand for watches that would with stand the rigors of the Australian way of life.

The brand has grown from 3 models in the collection to over 600 with 20 employees, over 50% of whom are watchmakers or watchmakers apprentices., Whilst being sold in Approx 1000 retail outlets.

Ice Watch

Ice-Chamallow Collection

Discover the delicious world of the Ice-Chamallow collection. Four vibrant, super-trendy colours (neon blue, cockatoo, neon pink and purple) combined with orange hands that contrast and even slightly clash with dial.


G-Shock is the ultimate tough watch. It was born from a developer’s dream of "creating a watch that never breaks." Guided by a "Triple 10" development concept, the design teams sought a watch with 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10-year battery life.

At a time when it was commonly believed that watches were breakable items, G-Shock’s development represented a challenge to common sense. The number of experimental prototypes built for endurance testing reached over 200. The structural development and parts improvement took approximately two years. After a long, hard process of trial and error, G-Shock was finally launched. A shock resistant structure that overturned conventional thinking about watches was realized through breakthrough thinking, including the ideas of a hollow-structured case, all-directional protective covering and the use of cushioning material to protect critical parts.

These were the fruits of technological development that insisted on "toughness" and a revolution in watch design. Since launched, G-Shock has continued to evolve for 25 long years, carrying on the toughness of spirit and uncompromising passion that led its developers to persist in their unshakable belief.